Dolan Twins, iJustine & More Social Media Stars React to Logan Paul's 'Insensitive' Suicide Forest Video

YouTube star Logan Paul has apologized for uploading a graphic video of himself and his team walking through Japan’s Aokigahara -- also known as the “Suicide Forest” -- and appearing to make light of a body hanging from a tree. But many YouTube and social media stars did not accept the apology.

Fellow YouTuber Grayson Dolan spoke out about the incident on Twitter, saying, “I’m not gonna stay silent I’m gonna stand up for what’s right right now. Suicide is serious. People have lost loved ones, idols, hero’s, fans to suicide. Filming a video and mocking a victim is not raising suicide awareness. Laughing at the body of a poor depressed soul. I can’t believe the disrespect of the victim, their family, and your YOUNG fans. You’re 22 there’s no excuse.”

Dolan is among the many YouTube and internet stars who have called out Paul for the controversial clip. Vlogger iJustine called YouTube to take action, tweeting, “@YouTube you CANNOT ignore this. You have so many incredibly talented content creators who strive to make this platform a better place. Stop promoting the trash that makes us all look bad.”

Paul has since posted an apology tweet and video, but many more stars have taken to Twitter to criticize his behavior. See some of the reactions below: