Jason Browning, Longtime Matchbox Twenty Tour Manager, Dies at 46

Jason Browning
Courtesy of The Browning Group

Jason Browning

Jason Browning, founder/CEO of The Browning Group, and Matchbox Twenty’s longtime tour manager, died suddenly Dec. 26. The cause of death is unknown. He was 46.

Browning, who hailed from Columbus, Ohio, started out in the music industry working security for Hanson and Marilyn Manson, according to an emotional Facebook post from Matchbox Twenty early Friday morning (Dec. 29). 

The Browning Group worked with a number of acts through the years, including Linkin Park, Carlos Santana, Stone Temple Pilots and Melanie Martinez, providing everything from security to management services. At the time of his death, he was Matchbox Twenty’s tour manager, and lead singer Rob Thomas’s day-to-day manager. 

Matchbox Twenty’s manager, Nick Lippman told Billboard, “Jason was a part of my family. He and I shared such a unique and special bond. We had so much mutual respect and admiration and flat out love for each other. He always knew no matter what happened, where he was or where I was, what the situation was he could call me and I could call on him and together we would not only figure it out but make the situation/problem a non issue. We had so many long talks both in person and on the phone about life, our futures, our future working together and the growth of both Lippman Entertainment and The Browning Group. Not to hear his voice, his jokes, or to be called ‘Sir’ again is something I have yet to really process…my tears are flowing as there will never be another Jason.”

In their Facebook post, the members of Matchbox Twenty recalled Browning as “a bright light with a dark sense of humor. He was always five moves ahead of you in any situation. He could nail an Axl Rose impersonation. He would do anything for his friends and had no time for anyone who crossed them. He loved to laugh and to make others laugh.” 

Thomas broke the news on Facebook on Dec. 27: “I'm writing with an indescribably heavy heart to say that our friend, our brother, Jason Browning, passed away yesterday. Jason was larger than life. He was fearless. He was a giant walking and talking heart that [my wife] and I have spent the last 19 years discovering life with. Everyone in our circle is completely numb and even when most of the numbness wears off and we can process our grief there will always be a part of us that is missing from this day on.

Survivors include his son, his sister, and his parents. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made in his name to Sidewalk Angels Foundation, which provides funds and support to more than 20 no-kill animal shelters across the country.