Ed Sheeran's 'Ginger Ed Man' Holiday Ad Is Here

Ed Sheeran in a commercial for Spotify
Courtesy of Spotify

Ed Sheeran in a commercial for Spotify.

As of June this year, Spotify had over 140 million users in 61 different countries, making it seem like a site that probably doesn’t need much advertising to get people to listen. But this morning Spotify called on its No. 1 streamed artist of the year Ed Sheeran to add a little holiday spirit in a new holiday commercial.


The ad stars a smaller gingerbread version of Ed Sheeran, complete with shaggy red mop, and an actual Ed Sheeran sitting in a classic cozy Christmas den setup, with Sheeran’s newest jam “Perfect” playing in the background. The ad quickly takes a turn as Ed Sheeran bites off the head of his cookie-self the Ginger Ed Man, and smiles devilishly into the camera.


With all of the unapologetic holiday spirit going around, we can at least thank Spotify and Ed for giving us a somewhat darker take this season.