The Internet Dubbed Disney's Trump Robot with His Own Audio

President Donald Trump
Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via Bloomberg

President Donald Trump pauses while speaking during a national security strategy speech at the Ronald Reagan Building on Dec. 18, 2017 in Washington, D.C.

For better or for (probably) worse, 2017 has come with a robust amount of Internet content via President Trump. So it seems only fitting that someone rounded out the year by taking some of the President’s more questionable soundbites and dubbing them over footage of his animatronic self at Disney World’s Hall of Presidents.

On Tuesday night, writer and Twitter user Dustin Giebel gave us Trump robot, but with the audio from his infamous Access Hollywood interview:

And then the Trump robot calling Mexicans “rapists":

And, of course, the Trump robot arguing about his “hands” with Marco Rubio:

A popular theory seems to be that Disney made the robot for Hillary Clinton, and then morphed the face last minute.

There’s also the comparisons to celebs like Jon Voight, Roger Ebert and even the fictional evil horror doll Chucky.

Regardless, of who exactly this Trump likeness actually looks like, there’s something irrefutably terrifying, and a little bit funny, about the whole thing.