DRAM, Grace VanderWaal, Lecrae & More Share the Worst Christmas Presents They Ever Received

Unwanted Gifts
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Gifting season is upon us -- for better, or for worse. Things get funny, embarrassing and downright weird below, as stars from Grace VanderWaal to DRAM share the worst Christmas gift they've ever received.

Oh Wonder's Anthony West: 
"I once received two sachets of Tom Yum soup from a relative in Bangkok."

Oh Wonder's Josephine Vander Gucht:
"My friend made a plaster cast of her nipple for a Secret Santa one year. Inventive, but kinda weird."

Grace VanderWaal:
"I've never really gotten any really bad gifts... Although, this one year my grandma gave me some clothes and they were all covered in hot pink glitter and said something dumb like 'Only want to be a kitten.' It was actually really fun."

Rachel Platten:
"My father traveled to Asia for work and he came back right before the holidays and felt super smug about his gifts he’d found. You could tell because he was smiling dumbly to himself all day muttering, 'You just wait!.....' So obviously lots of hype going into night one of Hanukkah. My mom, sister and I unwrapped wallets that we thought said Gucci and we were screaming and totally floored...expensive gifts weren't exactly the norm. My dad threw his hands up and said, 'Look closer!!'......They actually all said 'cucci' -- they were knockoffs he’d found in the night market in Hong Kong.I don’t think he realized how offensive that one letter change was, on all levels. He literally didn't get the problem. Full disclosure, I still used it for two years and just put a thumb on the 'C' when friends looked."

Dustin Lynch:
“There’s really no such thing as a bad gift, so long as there’s thought behind it. But I’d say probably socks, or any of those kind of useful but not-so-fun things your parents give as gifts when you’re a kid."

"One of my cousins actually bought a six pack of white socks and gave all of the male cousins one pair of socks wrapped up, and said 'Gifts are out of love!' One. Pair. That’s 1/6th of a gift. I wonder if I still have it."

“My mom pranked me and told me I had new video games waiting downstairs. I opened up the box, and it was a note that said, ‘Gotcha! Merry Christmas.’ I’m still in therapy over that.”

Bishop Briggs:

“Is it bad that I can only think of gifts that I gave others that didn't go over well? This may include a life size painting of Drew Barrymore I gave to my sister.” 


“The worst gift that I have ever received would be a aftershave kit when I was 13. I didn't have a beard yet. I had a little bit of peach fuzz, so I shaved it off and added the aftershave. I didn't know it could burn so bad.”

Leslie Odom, Jr:

“At the big annual family gift exchange party last year, I ended up with a candle that smelled like cinnamon. I'm probably gonna get in a ton of trouble for saying it and I know it should be the thought that counts. But the thought didn't count for that one. And it was the worst.” 

Digital Farm Animals:

“I once received a toilet brush. I genuinely was given that as a ‘present!’ Probably from the Pigman.”

Martin Garrix:
"It’s hard to get a bad gift on Christmas since for me it’s already an amazing gift being surrounded by my family."

Portugal. The Man’s John Gourley:

“The worst gift I have ever gotten on Christmas is going to see Tim Allen in The Santa Clause.”

Devin Dawson:

“The worst gift I ever received was a toy Godzilla when I was 8 years old from my aunt and cousin. It was a foot tall and was dark green soft plastic with the texture of a toad. All it did was make this horrendous scream when you picked it up like that one dinosaur in Jurassic Park that spits in people’s eyes. It was super creepy because it would go off in the middle of the night for no reason and wake me up and scare the living shit out of me. It was such a bad gift that my mom and I re-wrapped it when the next Christmas came around and re-gifted it back to my aunt and cousin. At Christmas the next year, as you can probably guess, they re-gifted it back to us. It became a running joke & a tradition in our family for years. ”

Jack and Jack's Jack Gilinsky: 

“When I was really young, I wanted these little action figures that gave off all of these different scents (I know that sounds weird). My parents got me them one year and I played with them on Christmas day, but almost immediately the stuff that made the scents started oozing out of the toy and onto my hand. Eventually it got in my eye and gave me a really bad reaction. My face got all puffy, it smelled and hurt really bad. So yeah, that was the worst gift I have ever received- even though I asked for it.”

Jack and Jack's Jack Johnson:

“The worst gift I ever received were those Harry Potter jelly beans. I assumed they were all just delicious flavors, and then ended up eating a handful of booger, mud, and soap-flavored jelly beans.”

This article originally appeared in the Dec. 23 issue of Billboard.


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