Ed Sheeran Reflects On His 'Mad' Year, Says Working With Beyoncé Was 'Pretty F--king Cool'

Ed Sheeran has undoubtedly had a massive year, accruing more than 6 billion Spotify streams and being named Billboard’s top artist of the year, in addition to having his track “Shape of You” take home the Hot 100 Song of the Year title. Billboard’s Kevan Kenney caught up with the singer-songwriter backstage at iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball in New York City on Friday night to chat about his past 12 months, which he admits have been “pretty mad” but have gone a lot better than he had anticipated.

“There’s lots of things that haven’t gone my way this year, but lots of things that have,” Sheeran says. “It’s been weird. There’s been some things I’ve been so spot-on sure that they’re gonna happen, like headlining Glastonbury. I remember walking out and being like, ‘This is gonna be my best show of the year’ and then walking off and being like, ‘Oh, I don’t know,’ like I just didn’t feel what I thought I’d feel.

“Whereas there’s other things where stuff was completely unexpected,” he adds. “Like getting Beyoncé on the remix of ‘Perfect,’ that was something that just happened. So it’s been like a year of when one door closes, another one opens.”

In the interview, Sheeran also discusses the 2018 Grammy nominations, sharing that he was not disappointed about being left out of the album and song of the year categories, saying, “You know, I’m not dying. It’s not like I’m never gonna be nominated for a Grammy again. And I was nominated for two Grammys.”

He also addresses two huge collaborations he was part of, including working with Eminem on the track “River,” which Sheeran reveals he wrote while staying at Russell Crowe’s farm. He also says collaborating with Beyoncé on the “Perfect” remix was “really f---ing cool.”

At the time of the interview, the track was well on its way to likely topping this week’s Billboard Hot 100, and now, it officially has. When asked about the anticipated feat, Sheeran said, “I started the year with my first-ever Hot 100 No. 1 with ‘Shape’ and I’m ending the year with my second ever Hot 100 No. 1, and I think it’s like, especially now in these streaming times, albums basically go up and down so quickly and it’s so hard to have campaigns nowadays, so to be able to have an album that came out in March and it’s still top 10 and still having a hit single like ‘Perfect’ is, I just have to kind of give it up for Atlantic Records. I mean they’re very, very, very good at their jobs.”

Watch Ed Sheeran’s full video interview above.

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