Nile Rodgers Opens Up On Cancer Surgery: 'My Prognosis is 100% Recovery'

Nile Rodgers, 2015

Nile Rodgers photographed on Jan. 8, 2015 in London.

These are good times for Nile Rodgers, who has been given great news after another cancer scare.

Writing on his blog, the Chic co-founder revealed he went under the knife when doctors discovered a mysterious growth on his right kidney. 

While touring with Earth, Wind & Fire in August, Rodgers was hospitalized after falling sick in Toronto with what turned out to be food poisoning, forcing him to miss a concert for the first time in his career. His stint on the sidelines turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

“ was cancer! In fact, it was two different cancers within one mass,” Rodgers writes. Soon after, surgeons at the Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY removed the carcinogenic mass and Rodgers’ prognosis is “100% recovery,” he explains. 

It was a lucky break for the legendary producer, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and, after years of treatment, got the all-clear. 

Writing under the title, “Cancer really? I'm Done. 2018 here I come!,” Rodgers explores his journey from that initial cancer diagnosis, and how ever since he’s “attacked life with gusto I didn't realize I'd had.” 

With a new spring in his step, Rodgers reflects on his hot streak as he landed a global smash (and a swag of Grammys) with Daft Punk, published a memoir, rebuilt Chic’s live concert tours, played to millions, and delivered a bunch of dance hits. But his most bountiful of years started on a “decidedly dark note” as he lost family and friends, including David Bowie, Prince, George Michael and Chris Cornellpassed away.

Now, having healed from his recent cancer surgery, Rodgers says he’s looking ahead to another fruitful year. He even hints at a development that's “beyond any of my wildest dreams,” details of which he’ll share at another date. “After the last seven years of amazing life, I would have never believed that my body would be invaded by another cancer,” he writes. “CANCER REALLY? I'm done. 2018 here I come!”

Read Rodgers’ blog here.