Katy Perry Signee Cyn Plays The Role of Psycho Stalker in 'Only With You' Music Video: Premiere

Shervin Lainez


"She's the girl next door with the wink in her voice and plenty of tricks up her sleeve,” Unsub Records CEO Katy Perry said of her latest signee.

Cyn is one to watch -- and she already has at least one superstar fan: Katy Perry. In fact, Cyn, née Cynthia Nabozny, is the first female artist to sign to the superstar’s label, Unsub Records (a division under the Capitol Records umbrella).

“Cyn's sultry voice drew me in immediately,” Perry tells Billboard. “Here was this modern girl radiating a whimsical, classic style. Her songwriting contains a clever wisdom beyond her years, and her delivery makes you feel like you're the only one in the room. I think these are qualities that will draw other listeners in as well. She's the girl next door with the wink in her voice and plenty of tricks up her sleeve.”

Today, Cyn premieres her music video for “Only With You” exclusively via Billboard. The newcomer spoke to Billboard about the clip, which sees her assuming the role of crazed stalker pining after a chiseled hunk named Hunter.

“It was fun acting as an obsessed stalker!” Cyn says. She wants it to be clear that it’s just a character though, adding, “I certainly wouldn't condone it in any shape of reality beyond art.”

Cyn found inspiration while watching George Harrison: Living in the Material World on Netflix. The documentary features a clip with Mick Jagger, where an interviewer talks about how female fans worship their rockstar heroes.


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“For whatever reason, this little dialogue spoke to me. I remember what it felt like to be enthralled with admiration for movie stars or singers while I was growing up,” Cyn shares. “I remember saving a piece of gum I had in my mouth from my first kiss.” She adds: “I don't have it anymore, don't worry.”

The music video follows Cyn as she creates a photo shrine of her crush and Nancy Drews around town to collect remnants like a used coffee cup and -- you guessed it -- a wad of gum. The clip takes an unexpected turn when she spots the object of her obsession and approaches him in the park, only to lick his face and run away.

“The idea scared the heck out of me, and I think that's why I wanted to do it,” Cyn says of the scene. “After I licked someone I barely knew in front of a crew of 20 people out in public, I felt like I could do anything. It's empowering finding that courage through performance art.”

She estimates that they filmed the scene about 15 times, from various angles. “It was totally awkward, but we really wanted a "what did she just do?" moment, and that was it!”