Tom Hanks' David S. Pumpkins Saves Halloween in 'SNL' Animated Special

Tom Hanks' David S. Pumpkins Saves Halloween on SNL.
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Tom Hanks' David S. Pumpkins Saves Halloween on SNL.

Peter Dinklage narrated the holiday-themed 30-minute adventure.

David S. Pumpkins, the bizarre, pumpkin-suit wearing Halloween mascot who achieved viral status when he debuted last year on Saturday Night Live in the famous "Haunted Elevator" sketch, has returned in his very own animated special.

The character, made famous by Oscar winner Tom Hanks, originally appeared in the Oct. 22, 2016 episode of SNL, hosted by Hanks. Pumpkins generated an instantaneous and huge response and costume stores across the country sold out of Hanks' orange-and-black ensemble. The original sketch has since been viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube.

The special opened with a live-action reunion of Hanks’ Pumpkins and Mikey Day and Bobby Moynihan’s skeletons. The special then transitioned to an animated frame narrative as Peter Dinklage narrated the story of “Halloween Santa.”

On Halloween night, a young boy and his sister traveled to a pumpkin patch where they discovered an ugly, yet enchanted, gourd. Upon touching it, an elevator emerged from the ground with none other than David S. Pumpkins himself aboard.

Upon his arrival, Pumpkins launched into a very vague song about his origins, which offered no insight whatsoever into where he came from but did offer an opportunity for his skeleton compatriots to make an appearance in a snazzy dance number. Pumpkins also showed off his ride, the Pumpkinmobile: a car in the shape of a strawberry, since “you can’t drive a pumpkin, man.”

It wasn’t all fun and whimsy, however, as the fiendish Raincoat Man appeared to steal trick-or-treaters hard-earned candy, including from a child dressed as fellow quirky SNL character Kevin Roberts from the thematically similar 2016 “FBI Simulator” sketch. Luckily, Pumpkins, the skeletons and crew were on the case.

Using the power of distraction and musical anticipation, Pumpkins bested a trio of adolescent bullies disguised as the nefarious Raincoat Man. The neighborhood’s candy rescued, it was then up to the gang to deliver the candy back to its rightful owners, done so, of course, in magical fashion via floating pumpkins. Naturally, any raisins found in the mix were disposed of.

It was then a race against time to get Pumpkins and his skeleton pals back to the pumpkin patch before their 10:34 p.m. deadline. They decided to take the subway since Pumpkins had previously eaten his strawberry car.

They made it in the nick of time and Pumpkins wished the children a fond farewell, but not before distilling the meaning of the holiday on the young ones: “Halloween’s about candy, man!”

No raisins.

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