Paul McCartney Recalls Meeting 'Great Rock 'n' Roll Pianist and Singer' Fats Domino

Paul McCartney released a statement on Thursday (Oct. 26) honoring the late Fats Domino, a rock ’n’ roll pioneer who had a huge influence on the Beatles’ early sound.

“Rest in peace Fats Domino, the great rock ’n’ roll pianist and singer who thrilled us in our early days in Liverpool,” McCartney wrote about the rock legend, who died on Tuesday (Oct. 24) of natural causes at the age of 89. The former Beatle recalled meeting the rocker in Domino's hometown of New Orleans, where “he was wearing a huge star spangled diamond encrusted watch which was our first encounter with bling!”

Domino’s influence on the Beatles goes back to their teen years. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, Domino’s “I’m in Love” was the first rock song George Harrison ever heard, while his 1955 hit “Ain’t That a Shame” was the first song John Lennon learned to play.

McCartney ended his tribute with an amusing tidbit about Domino’s family life. “He himself was named Antoine. His kids were named Antoine III, Anatole, Andre, Antonio, Antoinette, Andrea, Anola and Adonica. Now that is pure Fats!" 

Read McCartney’s full statement here.