Spotify iMessage App Allows Users to Share Songs Without Leaving the Conversation

 The Spotify logo is displayed on the screen of a smartphone
Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

 The Spotify logo is displayed on the screen of a smartphone on Jan. 21, 2016 in Berlin.

Spotify's new iMessage app lets you send and receive songs from friends without closing out of the conversation, Engadget reports.

A spokesperson for Spotify confirmed the launch to the tech website: "Spotify's iMessage app is available now, allowing users to quickly search for and share music with friends directly from iMessage."

In order to make it work, both the sender and recipient need the latest version of Spotify's app on their iPhones and they will have to enable the Spotify iMessage app.

If you're good to go, here's how to send a song from Spotify while you're in iMessage: tap the app button, find the Spotify icon, then find the track you're in search of. Tap the track title, and a full-screen preview of the song will show up within your iMessage conversation.

The person receiving the song is able to listen to a 30-second preview conveniently right there in the iMessage, so there's no need to close out of the chat screen -- or they can click a button to play the song through Spotify.