The Invisible Band

Invisible to the masses, perhaps. But only for now.

Invisible to the masses, perhaps. But only for now. Travis is a refreshing entity in a field of over-the-top rockers, jock-grabbing rappers, and high-gloss teens. The Scottish quartet offers guitar-rich tunes that are as remarkably literate as they are emotionally challenging. Photogenic singer Fran Healy has evolved into an assured frontman, performing with equal parts boyish glee and introspective sensitivity. And as the band's primary songwriter, he has grown considerably. Such singleworthy cuts as "Side" and "Follow the Light" are simple and more direct, while less commercially focused tracks, such as "Indefinitely" and "The Cage," are more complex and intricately layered. The set opens with "Sing," a sweet, simple love song that effectively contrasts atmospheric production with nimble electric guitar lines and vibrant banjo picking. A tune like this is the band's best bet to go from relatively transparent to omnipresent Stateside.—LF