Wesley Snipes Says He Stole Prince's Role in Michael Jackson's 'Bad' Video

Wesley Snipes on Conan
Courtesy of Team Coco

Wesley Snipes on Conan on Aug. 9, 2017.

In an interview on Conan this Wednesday (Aug. 9), Wesley Snipes revealed that he beat out Prince for a role in Michael Jackson's "Bad" short-film.  

"Me and Prince were auditioning together, and I blew Prince out of the water," Snipes explained. "Michael had told Prince that he had the role, and then he met me."

Prince, on the other hand, did not seem to recall it going down the same way. In a 1997 interview with VH1 the icon stated, "The first line in that song is, 'your butt is mine' so I was saying, 'Who gon' sing that to whom? Because you sure ain't singing it to me, and I sure ain't singing it to you.' So right there we got a problem."

The 18-minute visual that gave Snipes his big break was directed by Martin Scorsese and details a story of members of an inner-city gang. Snipes told Conan his theory of why he scored the role: "[Jackson] really thought I was in a gang -- he didn't know that I was a trained thespian." He goes on to joke, "At the time, the great Michael hadn't spent very much time in the 'hood.'"

Watch the interview and the "Bad" video below: