Kid Rock Updates on His Senate Bid: 'Democrats Are Shattin' in their Pantaloons'

OK, so maybe Kid Rock wasn’t fooling with his run for the U.S. Senate. But it’s still very much a wait-and-see prospect.

The rap-rock veteran and Republican Party fanboy recently announced he’d make a go at politics in his home state of Michigan by tweeting a picture of a yard sign reading "Kid Rock for U.S. Senate,” a move which had folks either hollering or cringing. His U.S. Senate campaign is apparently going ahead as planned. But like a good old fashion album release strategy, it appears he’s going to hype it up and drag it out. 

Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, shared an update on his political ambitions which, as yet, don’t appear to have progressed past the embryonic stage. Though he can now show off a new logo for his run, which reads “Kid Rock ’18 for U.S. Senate” against a stylized stars and stripes image.

The singer also shared the statement below: 

When my name was thrown out there for US Senate I decided to launch I was beyond overwhelmed with the response I received from community leaders, D.C. pundits, and blue-collar folks that are just simply tired of the extreme left and right bullshit. As part of the excitement surrounding this possible campaign, I decided to take a hard look to see if there was real support for me as a candidate and my message or if it was just because it was a fresh new news story. The one thing I've seen over and over is that although people are unhappy with the government, too few are even registered to vote or do anything about it. We have over a year left until an actual election, so my first order of business is to get people engaged and registered to vote while continuing to put out my ideas on ways to help working class people in Michigan and America all while still calling out these jackass lawyers who call themselves politicians.

During this time while exploring my candidacy for US Senate, I am creating a 501(c)(4) - a non-profit organization for the promotion of voter registration. Not only can I raise money for this critical cause, but I can help get people registered to vote at my shows. Since the announcement, the media has speculated this was a ploy to sell shirts or promote something. I can tell you, I have no problem selling Kid Rock shirts and yes, I absolutely will use this media circus to sell/promote whatever I damn well please (many other politicians are doing the same thing, they just feed you a bunch of bullshit about it). But either way, money raised at this time through the sale of merchandise associated with this very possible campaign will go towards our 'register to vote' efforts.

And if you were curious if he’d bring his barbeque-shooting etiquette to office, Rock lays it right out. “One thing is for sure though,” he writes. “The Democrats are 'shattin’ in their pantaloons' right now…and rightfully so!”

There’s no word yet on whether the Democrats are, indeed, “shattin’ in their pantaloons” though a press conference will be called in the next six weeks or so, Rock explains, at which time we can hope to learn more. “And if I decide to throw my hat in the ring for US Senate, believe me,” he assures, “it’s game on mthrfkers.”