Longtime Republican Caitlyn Jenner Distraught Over Trump's Transgender Military Ban

Taylor Jewell/Invision/AP
Caitlyn Jenner photographed on April 24, 2017.

On July 26 President Donald Trump took to Twitter to make a controversial announcement about the ban of transgender individuals from the military.

The ban that was lifted by the Obama administration is back in action and wildly contradicts Trump's previous promises to act as an ally and advocate for the LGBQT community. High-profile transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner was said to be working behind the scenes with the president. 

The former Olympian turned reality star has been a longtime supporter of President Donald Trump, advocating for his presidency and giving him her vote. After his announcement, Jenner took to Twitter to express her confusion and anger about the new policy, attaching a previous tweet Trump made about his promise to "fight for" the LGBT community.

In the past Jenner has received major backlash over her support for Trump, and now Twitter is exploding with "I told you so" and "you played yourself" responses.

It is worth nothing a 2016 Rand Corp. study commissioned by the Department of Defense indicated that the "the costs of gender transition–related health care treatment are relatively low," and noted that "previous integration efforts and the experiences of foreign militaries indicate a minimal likely impact on force readiness."