How to Get a Refund for Justin Bieber's Canceled Purpose Tour

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
Justin Bieber performs during his "Purpose" tour at Madison Square Garden on July 18, 2016 in New York City.  

Justin Bieber announced Monday that he has canceled the remainder of his Purpose World Tour, which was supposed to run until Sept. 24 and still had 14 stops to go.

Bieber told TMZ that everything is fine and he's "just resting and getting some relaxation." While fans have mixed feelings about the news -- showing support and disappointment on social media --  anyone planning to attend the final leg of the Purpose Tour are making sure they receive full refunds for their tickets.

Whether you bought your ticket through Ticketmaster or other popular sites, including StubHub and Seat Geek, here's the breakdown on how you can get your money back:


Luckily for those who bought Bieber tickets on Ticketmaster, the company is offering automatic refunds. A statement on their site reads: "If you bought tickets online or over the phone, you won't need to do a thing. We'll let you know the event is canceled and automatically refund your order (except UPS fees) to the same card used to purchase. All refunds should be received within 7-10 days after we learn the event is canceled." There is one caveat, however: Customers who purchased their tickets at a Ticketmaster office have to go back to get their money in person.


StubHub works a little differently because not all sales are through the site directly but are often made through separate sellers who use the site as the "middle man." A statement on their site says, "If the Seller requires his Ticket(s) back to obtain a refund of the original purchase price from the promoter or organizer, he must contact Customer Service immediately after the cancellation. The Buyer is required to retain the Ticket(s) and upon request from StubHub to send them back to either the Seller or to StubHub (as instructed by StubHub). The Buyer will receive a full refund once he has sent back the Ticket(s) (if applicable) and the Seller will not be paid. If the Seller has already been paid, the payment for the sale may be recovered by charging the Seller's Payment Method or by setting off this amount against pending payments for other Tickets the Seller has sold or will sell in the future."

Seat Geek

Seat Geek works in a similar way: "If an event is cancelled or a contingent event (e.g., a playoff game) does not occur, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to remove the relevant listings and email you about the cancellation as soon as practicable. The buyer will receive a full refund and the seller will, if he or she received payment, be charged the amount he or she received for the original sale. If a Seller needs his or her tickets to obtain a refund of the original purchase, he or she must reply to SeatGeek’s cancellation email within two weeks of the event cancellation."

However, some people bought their tickets directly from the venues themselves. While refund practices differ from place to place, some venues are unable to promise refunds to every single purchaser.

In a series of tweets about the cancellation, Sports Authority Field in Denver write that tickets purchased at the box office will be refunded at the box office using the original payment method. However, those who didn't purchase their tickets at the box office will not be offered a refund.