Chester Bennington Remembered: Prince William Once Admitted He Was a Linkin Park Fan

Chester Bennington and Linkin Park were royalty in the nu metal scene. They were also loved by royalty. Actual royalty.  

A little more than three years ago, Prince William, heir to the throne and grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, shocked royal watchers and fans of loud music in general when he confessed his love for the band.

While chatting with students at a high school in East Yorkshire, England, Prince William was asked (but declined) to play with a student samba band, then admitted he dabbled with music. “I used to play the piano, trumpet, and drums when I was your age, but I couldn’t read music. There’s only so much you can remember from the top of your head.”

And then, he was asked about his current music tastes. His reply: "I really like Coldplay, Linkin Park." 
No one saw that coming.

Prince William was one of many fans of Linkin Park, though none were more famous. The band has sold more than 27.8 million albums in the U.S., according to Nielsen Music, and is recognized as one of the biggest and most influential rock groups of the 21st century. Bennington committed suicide at his Palos Verdes residence on Thursday, July 20, at the age of 41.