'Channel Orange, Part 2' & More Donald Trump-Inspired Album Titles From Canadian Artists

Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images
President Donald Trump photographed in the Oval Office of the White House on May 31, 2017 in Washington, DC.

Not too long ago, at Cowboy Junkies' 35th anniversary celebration of their Latent Recordings label at Toronto’s Monarch Tavern, singer Margo Timmins confessed that, like many of us, she is obsessed with the daily headlines of President Donald Trump. She joked that they will be calling their next album, What The Fuck Is Happening? or, simply, What The Fuck?

The band -- best known for its live-off-the-floor masterpiece The Trinity Session in 1988, recorded around one microphone in a church -- won’t be releasing their new album until 2018, but Billboard got to wondering what other Trump album titles might be fun.  

Last year, in the lead up to the U.S. election, we asked an assortment of Canadian artists what they thought of Trump's candidacy. Now, we asked everyone from Billy Talent to Sam Roberts, Buffy Sainte-Marie to Whitehorse what they would title an album if they had to name it after Trump. Of course, we credited Margo Timmins with the idea and told them all her pick. No Russians were surveyed -- just Canadians.

Shaun Frank (artist/DJ/producer and co-writer of Chainsmokers’ "Closer")

Album Title: American Idiot, Part 2

Grimes (award-winning singer/producer/director signed to 4AD, latest album is 2015’s Art Angels)

Album title: Impeach The President

A Tribe Called Red (Indigenous electronic/DJ group; latest album is 2016’s We Are The Halluci Nation)

Album Title: So Bananas

Ian "DJ NDN" Campeau: "Yo, I don’t even acknowledge what’s going on right now. It’s so bananas right now. It’s really hard to focus on what’s going on. So bananas. It’s tough right now because my favorite political TV shows I can’t watch anymore because they’re not even as exciting as what’s really happening. So Bananas is I think is a good one. I like that."

Danthrax (DJ/producer works with rising rap artist Tasha the Amazon, signed to booking agency Paradigm; latest release is 2016’s Die Every Day)

Album Title: Channel Orange, Part 2

"It would be called Channel Orange, Part 2 because he’s the only person who could be more orange than Frank Ocean."

Karl Wolf (singer co-wrote OMI's "Hula Hoop;" signed to BMG Music Publishing; latest release, 2016’s The Export, Vol. 1)

Album Title: No Thank You

"I’m not a fan of Trump so that’s a tough one. I'd just call it No Thank You."

Scott Helman (signed to Warner Music Canada; latest release, 2017’s Hotel de Ville)

Album Title: Let's Figure This Shit Out

"I'd probably call it Let's Figure This Shit Out because that’s all we can really do, right?"

Francesco Yates (managed by Johnny Wright; featured on Robin Schulz's "Sugar")

Album Title: Bright Hair

Massari (signed to The Weeknd's management SAL&Co; forthcoming U.S. debut album, Beirut, on CP/Universal)

Album Title: Orange

"Orange. It’s very important to remain reserved in your opinion because you must understand that sometimes freedom of speech does not allow you to insult anybody else's opinion. That’s how I view freedom of speech. There’s a lot of people who feel that he speaks on their behalf. For us, in general, I feel like that is a conflict. There is a conflict there because to isolate anyone or anybody from any culture, you’re actually doing the opposite of what it is to be a leader. As a leader, your job is to unite people. So Orange. I will stick to that because I don’t want to go any further [laughs]."

LIGHTS (award-winning electronic-based pop singer’s new album, Skin & Earth, is due in the fall, with a comic book series she created)

Album Title: I Did The Orange Hair Better

Sam Roberts (rock singer-guitarist for Sam Roberts Band; latest album, 2016’s Terraform)

Album Title: Trumpelstiltskin

"Trumpelstiltskin. Has that been used?"

Adam Cohen (solo recording artist; latest release, working with his dad Leonard Cohen on his final album, 2016’s You Want It Darker)

Album Title: -

"I don’t want the geometric axiom to be Trump for my record. My career's flawed enough. I don't think I want to do that to my so-called career."

Exco Levi (five-time Juno Award winning reggae artist; latest release, 2015’s Country Man and 2017’s Oh Canada” remix)

Album Title: Love To The World

"Love To The World -- that's what we need."

Billy Talent (multi-platinum rock band, headlining arena act; latest album, 2016’s Afraid of Heights, on Warner Music Canada/The End Records)

Album Title: The End Is Near

The other band members collectively agree with singer Ben Kowalewicz. 

Grandtheft (artist and DJ/producer signed to Diplo’s label Mad Decent; latest release, 2017’s "Easy Go," acoustic)

Album Title: Armageddon

Donovan Woods (publishing deal with Warner/Chappell Nashville; latest release, 2016’s Hard Settle, Ain't Troubled)

Album Title: Waiting On The Resignation

"Waiting On The Resignation -- because I believe it's coming. We'll have to wait and see."

Whitehorse (the husband and wife duo just released their new album, Panther in the Dollhouse, on Six Shooter Records)

Album Title: Pussies Are Powerful

Melissa McClelland: "Pussies Are Powerful."

Luke Doucet: "I can’t top that."

Tyler Shaw (signed to Sony Music Entertainment Canada; new album, 2018)

Album Title: Spray Tans Only

Ruth B (the "Lost Boy" singer is signed to Columbia; full-length, Safe Haven, came out in May)

Album Title: ~

"I don’t think I'd name an album after him because he sucks."

Protest the Hero (the progressive metal group’s latest album is 2015's Pacific Myth)

Album Title: Protest The Toupée

The band members also throw out Huge and Ride The Lightening 2 as options.

Buffy Sainte-Marie (folk legendary and activist; latest album, 2015’s Power in the Blood; latest release, "You Got To Run (Spirit of the Wind)' with Tanya Tagaq)

Album Title: ~

“Oh God. I just wouldn’t. I’m coming out with an album in the fall called Medicine Songs and it's not an album about throwing mud at somebody that you think doesn't deserve to be a politician. It’s about solutions; it’s about uncovering hard-to-find information. It’s a very high-protein album, including some of the songs that were blacklisted by politicians [approx. 50 years ago]. Some old ones; some new ones. I know there are certain people who are capitalizing on the ridiculousness of certain politicians, but I don’t go in that direction myself."

Marianas Trench (top-selling pop band; latest album is 2015’s Astoria, on 604 Records; frontman Josh Ramsay co-wrote "Call Me Maybe")

Album Title: Back To The Future 2

Josh Ramsay: "Remember when they come back to the present 80s and Biff has ruined the place. Isn’t he just like that?"

Tanika Charles (the soul/R&B singer’s latest album is 2016’s Soul Run)

Album Title: Orange County

Paul Reddick (award-winning blues veteran’s latest album is 2016's Ride The One)

Album Title: Shit Sandwich

Coleman Hell  (the Columbia Records artist had a hit with his 2015's "2 Heads." Album is 2016's Summerland)

Album Title: Make America Orange Again

"Richer, Oranger, Eviler [or] Make America Orange Again. That would pretty good. I’m spit-balling here. I'm a Canadian person. I don’t even want to get involved in this discussion [laughs]."

Cold Creek County (Sony Music Canada country act; latest release is 2017's Homemade)

Album Title: ~

Guitarist Justin Lester: "We would’ve taken The Wall but I think that’s already taken by Pink Floyd"

The Dirty Nil (latest album is 2016’s Higher Power; 2017's compilation album, Minimum R&B, on Dine Alone/Fat Wreck Chords)

Album Title: Cheetos Jesus

Singer Luke Bentham and drummer Kyle Fisher reach this name by consensus.

The Strumbellas (band with ubiquitous hit, "Spirits," from 2016’s Hope, on Glassnote)

Album Title: Brave New World

Keyboardist David Ritter: "Brave New World -- see what happens. Something's happening and we'll see what happens, but it’s looking a little dark."

Bassist Darryl James: "I'll go with what Dave said. I align with that."

Neon Dreams (2016's To You includes single "Marching Bands” feat. Kardinal Offishall)

Album Title: (The band members throw out various ideas)


Is the Hair Real?

This is The Best Album Ever

I Have The Best Album, I Have The Best Songs and People Tell Me I Have The Best Songs.

July Talk (signed to Island Records in the U.S., Sleepless in Canada and Universal in the UK; latest album is 2016's Touch)

Album Title: Nice Toupée

Singer Peter Dreimanis: "Nice Toupée. What The Fuck is Happening? is good. I think the Father John Misty record being called Pure Comedy, that was really smart. Any time you can address that we're all existing in this vacuum and not really listening to each other and neither side is involved."

Leah Fay: "Also on Father John Misty's new album, he’s got this song, 'Two Wildly Different Perspectives,' and I think it kind of illustrates what’s going on right now."