Watch Harry Styles Try to Give Only One-Word Answers in Chelsea Handler Interview

Joel Ryan/Invision/AP
Harry Styles poses for photographers upon arrival at the World premiere of the film 'Dunkirk' in London on July 13, 2017. 

Have you ever wondered how many nipples Harry Styles has? Rumor has it it's more than two. And why does he high-five Justin Timberlake? Nope, it's not for getting out of boy bands. Harry also doesn't go by Harold (perhaps he sticks to Harry because of his royal counterpart?), and his favorite female name is Harriet, so if you are after his heart, a name change may be in order.

Find out the answers to the above questions and watch Harry struggle to differentiate geography from Kim and Kanye's babies in a new interview with Chelsea Handler. He's not allowed to answer with more than one word, and she puts him on the spot about everything from hair products to middle names, save for his acting debut in Dunkirk and his music career.

Watch the interview below: