R. Kelly's Alleged Captive Speaks Out

A BuzzFeed report published earlier today accused R. Kelly of brainwashing women and imprisoning them in a kind of abusive sex cult. R. Kelly has denied the allegations, and now Jocelyn Savage, one of the women allegedly being held captive by the singer, has spoken out.

After her parents held a press conference, saying that they believe their daughter is experiencing Stockholm Syndrome, the 21-year-old spoke to TMZ, explaining that she voluntarily cut off contact with her parents due to the accusations. “I am in a happy place in my life, and I’m not being brainwashed or anything like that,” she says.

“I just want everybody to know, my parents and everybody in the world, that I am totally fine. I’m happy where I’m at, and everything is okay with me…I’ve never been held hostage or anything of that nature.” When asked about her current whereabouts, if she has roommates, or if she’s free to leave, however, all she would say is “I wouldn’t want to speak on that.”

Watch below.

This article originally appeared in Stereogum.