Vince Staples' Culture Diet: 5 Things He's Obsessed With

James W. Mataitis Bailey
Vince Staples

Fresh off of his Big Fish Theory LP, rapper Vince Staples runs through his essential dramas, new tunes and, yes, recipe app.

The 2010 classic Red Dead Redemption is the first video game Vince Staples ever beat. The 23-year-old is anxiously awaiting the sequel, due in 2018. “I want to see how they put a new take on it,” he says of the Western action-adventure game.

It’s no surprise that Staples brought experimental R&B artist Kilo Kish on the road earlier this year. “I’ve been listening to Reflections in Real Time a lot,” he says of Kish’s 2016 debut album. “It still feels innovative. I’ve never heard anything like it.

While he name-checks Fargo and anime series Blood Lad, Staples especially wants to catch up on the Psycho-inspired Bates Motel. “I fell off of it because of touring,” he admits. “But it’s a great show and an interesting take on a classic story.

Staples admits he rarely heads to the movie theater, but he recently loved Marvel’s ultraviolent, R-rated Wolverine film Logan. “A lot of comics turning into movies don’t pan out well,” he says. “I was happy to see they did it justice.”

When he’s not on the road (he’ll be at various festivals this summer), Staples loves to cook -- often turning to mobile must-have Kitchen Stories for inspiration. “It gives you all the ingredients,” he says, “but doesn't limit what you can choose from each week. I like to switch things up.”