Empress Of Releases New Single 'Go To Hell': Listen

Kelli McGuire 
Empress Of

Empress Of is back with a strong message. The singer-songwriter, who got her start on YouTube releasing a series of 15 minute-long experimental demos called the "colorminutes," told Billboard about the experience creating her new track, "Go to Hell."

"I wrote this song with Caroline Polachek [of Chairlift] in a little studio in Echo Park," the artist born Lorely Rodriguez explained. "I respect her so much as an artist and as a person -- it was so sick to get to do one of my first collaborations for my own project with her."

Empress Of's effortless voice shines in the electro-pop single, about the singer being the only person who knows what's best for her. With lyrics like "Tell me about my potential/ And if you were me what you would do/ You like the sound of your own voice/ Is this conversation an interview," she addresses the people in her life critiquing her music, concluding: "Life’s too short to waste it on somebody else’s fears". 

Empress Of’s debut album Me reached No. 5 on the Billboard Top Dance/ Electronic Albums Chart in 2015 and "Standard", a track from the set, got her to No. 34 on the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists Chart.

Her single “Women is a Word” was also recently featured in a 30-minute Soundcloud mix shared by virtual guitarist Noodle of Gorillaz. Noodle wrote in the track's description that the females featured, Empress Of included, are "kick-ass women who in their own individual ways are true pioneers in the writing, production and creation of MUSIC," later noting them as her inspirations.

Empress Of is working on her forthcoming album. In the meantime, listen to "Go To Hell" below: