Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage' Video Takes a Trip Down to 'Sesame Street': Watch the Muppet Mashup

Courtesy Photo

The Beastie Boys won the MTV Video Music Award for best video back in 1994 for “Sabotage,” and this week, a fan remade the iconic video with everyone’s favorite Sesame Street characters.

The Beastie Boys’ original video begins with an over-dramatized police chase, as the group jumps over cars and runs through hallways in an ode to 1970s crime dramas. By replacing Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock with Big Bird and his fellow Muppets, this creative fan may have just made the great 1990s video even greater. The mashup, renamed “Sesametage,” is the perfect wave of nostalgia for Beastie Boys fans and Sesame Street fans alike.

Check out the remake and the original video below.