Adam Lambert Releases New Single 'Two Fux'

Craig Greenhill/Newspix/Getty Images
Adam Lambert poses during a photo shoot at The Darling Hotel in Sydney, New South Wales. 

Adam Lambert released his new single "Two Fux" June 30. 

Lambert preformed the song with Queen on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on June 22, where he honored the late Freddie Mercury, yelling “This one is dedicated to Freddie himself!” before the performance. 

The appropriately titled song is about not giving "two f--ks," and the lyrics are very fitting for pride month. Adam's dreamy falsetto utters lyrics like, "No one gets me but myself / I’ve been this way since I was 12." and "Got that magic called ADD / Rep for them aliens / Different like me."

Musician credits are not released yet, but there is suspicion that the incredible guitar solo featured in the track could be played by Queen’s own Brian May. Give the track a listen below: