Ansel Elgort Releases New Single 'All I Think About Is You': Listen

David Needleman
Ansel Elgort photographed May 12 at Coney Island in Brooklyn.

The song was "inspired by a past memory," he says.

Baby Driver actor and recent Billboard cover star Ansel Elgort released the new single “All I Think About Is You” on Friday morning (June 23).

At once atmospherically brooding and upbeat, the song was “inspired by a past memory,” The Fault in Our Stars actor said. “Society tells us happiness and success are directly correlated, and while that’s partly true, I’ve learned real happiness comes from pure human connection.”

The single -- which begins with Elgort throatily crooning “I’m supposed to be/ Happy and free/ Everyone is thinking of me” -- comes not long after the release of “You Can Count on Me” earlier this month, an optimistic anthem featuring rapper Logic.

New music isn’t the only thing to expect from Elgort this summer. The Divergent and Fault in Our Stars actor stars as the eponymous “Baby” in the upcoming film Baby Driver. Starring alongside Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm and Lily James, the film is slated for release on Wednesday.