Lorde Performs 'Perfect Places,' Admits She's Behind the Onion Rings Instagram Page on 'Tonight Show'

Lordy, it’s another huge Friday for new releases. Though just one has an Olympic-sized weight of expectation, an album drawn-out over four, long years. That arduous wait came to an end with the release overnight of Lorde's sophomore album, Melodrama, the follow-up to her inspired 2013 debut Pure Heroine.

The Kiwi singer celebrated the big reveal with a performance of “Perfect Place” on, well, a perfect place to promote a new release: The Tonight Show. Watch it below.

Also, Lorde hung out for a chat with her host Jimmy Fallon, who ever-so-gently pressed her on the amusing revelation she might be behind the onion rings review Instagram page. Turns out, it’s all true. “It was fun for about 5 seconds. I think they’re underrated. They don’t get enough credit for how delicious they are," explained the singer with an air of onion rings expertise.

At the top of their Q&A, Lorde delivered a mild ego-blow on Fallon and his “dirty beard,” then talked shop about fame, writing in isolation back home and her affection for the Flame Diner. Check it out below.