Bryce Fox Premieres Exclusive New Single 'Coldhearted': Listen

Bryce Fox

Bryce Fox, an LA-based singer with a soulful rock sound, has dropped “Coldhearted” -- a funky, smooth new track premiering today (March 16) on Billboard. The single, which was produced by Frequency & Alias, is about the prospects of disappointment and not belonging. 

“I was feeling an overwhelming sense of under achievement at the time," tells Billboard exclusively of his experience with writing the song. "Not everyone is cut out for the music and entertainment industry and battling the lows (and highs) can be consuming and soul sucking."

The “you don’t belong here” vibes are evident in the songs’ strong lyrics. "I'm sick and tired of living in LA / Where the sun is out but there's so much shade / I need a place to go with the seasons / Where no one has a reason to be coldhearted."

“I want to inspire people of the least 'expecting' to gain the confidence to be artistic and passionate about their career path,” Fox explains. “To be proud of where you come from. To be good humans. And when you have a chance to choose to be the dog or the dog food, you choose neither.” 

Listen to the premiere of “Coldhearted” below: