The Grand Southern's 'Traded Heaven' Video Is a Vintage Dream, Starring 'American Horror Story' Actor Evan Peters: Exclusive Premiere

The Grand Southern
Travis Schneider

The Grand Southern

The video is directed by "Blacklist" star Ryan Eggold.

With their new EP Traded Heaven upcoming, Los Angeles-based indie/folk group The Grand Southern have released a music video to accompany the title song, premiering exclusively on Billboard.

The duo, comprised of drummer Dash Hutton and guitarist Jesse Tyre Karp, wanted their EP to reflect rustic Americana lyricism and uplifting rock, and the video mirrors that goal.

The clip, featuring Evan Peters of American Horror Story and Grammy-nominated singer/actress Renee Olstead, depicts a grainy, vintage filter over a couple driving in a convertible Mustang with the top down. The airy “Traded Heaven” inserted in the car’s cassette player inspires a feeling of windswept hair and bare feet on the dashboard.

Even when the couple fights and Peters apologetically returns, roses in hand -- as lyrics “I traded heaven/ Got nothing back” pour from the speakers -- the tune provides the perfect background music for the addicting and sweet roller coaster of young love.

In reflection on the idea behind the video, Karp explained: “The song screamed classic car on an open road. After kicking around a ton of different storylines, Evan wrote up a treatment idea on a group text, and it just clicked with everyone. We were on our way up the 5 freeway to shoot the next day. Ryan [Eggold, the director and the star of The Blacklist and 90210] nailed it by experimenting with different shots and leaning on the 8mm film, all while weaving in and out of the narrative. Everything just fell into place. Feels like an intimate home movie. We’re incredibly lucky to have such talented friends.”

Check out the music video for "Traded Heaven" below.