St. Vincent Confirmed as Record Store Day Ambassador for 2017

St. Vincent in a video for Funny or Die.
Courtesy of Funny or Die

St. Vincent becomes ambassador to Recorstorda  in a video for Funny or Die.

St. Vincent is this year's Record Store Day Ambassador, joining an esteemed list of former diplomats including Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and Iggy Pop as the celebrity face of the annual holiday feting independent record stores.

In a short announcement video for Funny Or Die, St. Vincent (Annie Clark) visits her manager (played by Jonathan Marballi), who convinces her to become the new ambassador of an obscure country named Recorstorda. "I don't have time to do the research," her manager explains. "It's a small island off the coast of Russia, but very influential. This could be huge for your Spotify numbers."

After a bit of training and a new outfit, Clark is ready to assume her duties. 

But when "ambassador" Annie arrives at the "embassy," it turns out to be nothing more than an indie record shop, its occupants enjoying RSD pickings. "Oh duck, my auto correct ducked up -- you're an ambassador for Record Store DAY," her fumbling manager texts her. "Not my faust so u can't fire me k gotta go."

She gamely shrugs off the mixup and enters the store, presumably to do someone picking of her own.

"It is with deep honor and humility that I accept this ambassadorship," Clark says in a statement. "Rest assured I do not take my duties lightly."

The singer-guitarist has released two RSD singles, in 2012 and again in 2014. Last year's ambassadors, Metallica, used the occasion to release a nine-track live album. The metal icons were preceded by Grohl in 2015, Chuck D in 2014 and Jack White in 2013.

Record Store Day will take place Saturday, April 22.

Watch St. Vincent's announcement video: