Madonna Confirms Adopting Twin Girls From Malawi

Madonna has officially confirmed her adoption of twin girls from Malawi.

The pop icon posted on her Instagram account Wednesday (Feb. 8) a photo of herself hand-in-hand with her new daughters, stating that she is “overjoyed that they are now part of [her] family.”


According to a court document obtained by The Associated Press, Madonna said she will keep the children’s birth names in order to preserve their Malawian identity. Additionally, a Malawian caretaker will help ease the transition to the United States by accompanying the children in their travel.

The singer has previously denied rumors that she was in the southern African country to complete an adoption process, claiming she was there for charity work. Her organization, Raising Malawi, works to improve the lives of impoverished and underprivileged children.

Madonna has four other children, two of whom she adopted from Malawi almost 10 years ago.