Rosie O'Donnell Volunteers to Play President Trump's Mysterious Strategist Steve Bannon on 'SNL'

Rosie O'Donnell at Neil Simon Theatre on July 31, 2016 in New York City.
Jenny Anderson/WireImage

Rosie O'Donnell at Neil Simon Theatre on July 31, 2016 in New York City. 

With Melissa McCarthy nailing her surprise gig as White House spokesperson Sean Spicer last weekend and Alec Baldwin killing it on the reg as President Trump, Rosie O'Donnell has volunteered to take on the role of Trump's mysterious chief strategist Steve Bannon if Saturday Night Live is interested.

The comedian and frequent target of ridicule by Trump before he graduated from reality show host to leader of the free world, tweeted out the offer after a Twitter user noted that since the notoriously easy-to-rile commander in chief was, according to a Politico report "rattled" that Spicer was portrayed by a woman on the show's most recent episode. So... maybe Rosie should "take one for the team?"

"I am here to serve - alec has trump - melissa has spice - i would need a few days to prepare," she responded in a tweet. 

Saturday's (Feb. 4) episode opened with Baldwin's Trump sitting restlessly in his White House office eager to whip up some new chaos on the world stage. Enter Bannon, portrayed as the Grim Reaper (cast member Mikey Day), who was more than happy to egg the ex-Celebrity Apprentice host on as he threatened such former close allies as Mexico, Germany and Australia.

O'Donnell seemed serious about the potential gig, tweeting a few more times about the idea as she not-so-subtly tweaked Trump over whispers that alt-right figurehead Bannon might really be the one pulling the strings in the administration.

The offer is especially poignant given the toxic history between O'Donnell and Trump, which dates back more than a decade. After the comedian referred to Trump as a "snake-oil salesman" during a 2006 episode of The View, Trump began a barrage of personal insults against O'Donnell that has lasted years, referring to her as a "woman out of control," "a true loser," "a total loser," "rude, obnoxious and dumb" and "a total train wreck."

Before ascending to the presidency Trump frequently slammed SNL, seemingly annoyed by their satirical digs at him, a trend he's continued since becoming president. On Monday, he tweeted, "I call my own shots, largely based on an accumulation of data, and everyone knows it," seemingly responding to the skit's suggestion that Bannon is the one encouraging the president's erratic, sometimes heated interactions with other world leaders. 


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