Watch 'SNL' Spoof Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga in 'Celebrity Family Feud' Skit

Melissa Villaseñor as Lady Gaga
Courtesy of NBC

Melissa Villaseñor as Lady Gaga during Celebrity Family Feud: Super Bowl Edition sketch on 'Saturday Night Live' on Feb. 4, 2017.

Celebrity Family Feud returned to Saturday Night Live on Feb. 4, with Steve Harvey (played by cast member Kenan Thompson) hosting an all-star panel of guests, including Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

The special “Super Bowl Edition” of the sketch also featured SNL’s Bobby Moynihan as Patriots coach Bill Belichick, Beck Bennett playing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and host Kristen Stewart as Tom Brady’s wife model Gisele Bündchen.

Sporting a beige hoodie and tattooed arms, cast member Kate McKinnon reprised her role as Bieber, expertly nailing down the pop star’s suave speech and slouching mannerisms. Bieber assured the audience that he doesn’t party much anymore and has become a man.

“I got like five little mustache hairs, and I’m bringing ’em all for you girl!” he said.

Ahead of her big Super Bowl halftime show, Gaga (played by SNL’s Melissa Villaseñor) appeared on the game show, giving fans a vocal preview of her upcoming performance. “They said I can’t be political -- don’t worry, I’m not gonna,” the singer said with a sly wink.