Logan Henderson Premieres Solo Video 'Sleepwalker,' Talks His New 'Dark Grunge Pop' Sound: Exclusive

Logan Henderson is no stranger to the music scene. The singer not only rose to fame in 2009 with former band Big Time Rush, but he currently has more than three million Twitter followers eagerly awaiting his solo debut -- which is a far cry from what they’ve heard from him in the past.

Having teamed up with longtime pal, producer Nicholas “RAS” Furlong (Avicii, Waka Flocka Flame) and Colin Brittain (5 Seconds of Summer), Henderson is premiering “Sleepwalker” exclusively on Billboard, describing the track as “dark grunge pop,” a sound he connected with after going through a self-exploration process.

“It’s about a guy who’s stuck in this Inception type of dream with this woman, and he’s reliving a lot of things,” Henderson tells Billboard of the song, which came together in two days. “A lot of times we can kind of escape our reality. It’s this guy who’s trapped between the two worlds of dream world and reality. It’s about life, love and relationships. I've always been interested in the dream world and the places our minds go when we sleep.”

Although this song has a distinct sound, don’t expect future work to necessarily follow suit.

“Music is evolving and so am I, so I’m just going to stay serious and keep exploring,” he says. “My musical background and my taste are all over the place. I’m making music that’s true to me and connects to me, and I’m not trying to play for anybody except what I think feels right. It’s important to go off vibe in the studio. If something pulls me out of my comfort zone, then I'm usually on the right track.”

As for the Valentina Avayu-directed music video (also exclusively premiering above), Henderson says it “should speak to each person a little differently,” adding, “It’s an abstract journey of self-reflection and the idea that some memories are hard to escape.”