Death, Donald Trump and Kanye West Had Year's Most Edited Wikipedia Articles

Donald Trump and Kanye West
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President-elect Donald Trump and Kanye West pose for a picture in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York City on, Dec. 13, 2016. 

Death and the Donald topped this year's list of most vigorously edited English-language articles across Wikipedia. The site's "Deaths in 2016" page had more than twice as many edits as the entry for the nation's nuke-boosting president-to-be -- a mildly surprising development until you recall the relentless parade of dead folks this year, from David Bowie and Prince to Fidel Castro and Muhammad Ali.

Based on the number of revisions that appear on each page, this year's "deaths" index was tweaked 18,230 times, while Donald Trump's main entry was edited 8,933 times. The top five was rounded out by a list of Hillary Clinton's endorsements (6,527), a main article for U.S. presidential election (6,162) and one for the GOP primaries (5,715). Despite the intense scrutiny of her during this election season, Clinton's main article was edited a mere 2,082 times. Not that much!

There are only two strictly music-related articles near the top of the list, with an entry on South Korean music at No. 10, with 5,074 revisions, and Kanye West's flawlessly released album The Life of Pablo, which landed at No. 19 for the year with 3,574 edits. No. 20 in the list is occupied by the great painter Vincent van Gogh, at 3,551 revisions.

Billboard Year in Music 2016

On a serious note, the entry for the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando was edited 5,540 times.

Editors also got busy massaging the entries for Drake (1,534) and his album Views (3,168), also Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman (2,065) and Beyonce's Lemonade (1,482). Further, a list of 2016 albums was revised a whopping 2,703 times. Specific articles for Bowie and Prince were also heavily edited, to the tune of 1,928 and 1,715 times, respectively. Although the sub-genre is decades past its prime, the garage rock entry was worked on an impressive 1,965 times.

Music-adjacent TV competitions were another target of interest for Wiki editors. According to the list, Argentine dance show Bailando 2015 got the most attention (5,342), followed by The Voice (2,567), American Idol (2,258), The X Factor (2,252), America's Got Talent (2,216) and Dancing With the Stars (1,548).

Check out the top 20 below, and dig into the larger list here.

1. Deaths in 2016 // 18230
2. Donald Trump // 8933
3. List of Hillary Clinton presidential campaign endorsements // 6527
4. United States presidential election // 6162
5. Republican Party presidential primaries // 5715
6. 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting // 5540
7. Bailando 2015 // 5342
8. List of Donald Trump presidential campaign endorsements // 5328
9. 2016 in sports // 5277
10. 2016 in South Korean music // 5074
11. Beverly Gray // 4957
12. Statewide opinion polling for the United States presidential election// 4743
13. Panama Papers // 4659
14. 2016 in Philippine television // 4600
15. 2016 Pacific typhoon season // 4244
16. 2016 Atlantic hurricane season // 3874
17. Democratic Party presidential primaries // 3736
18. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice // 3593
19. The Life of Pablo // 3574
20. Vincent van Gogh // 3551

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