Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos Shares New Christmas Video Album

Michael Angelakos
Steven Brahms

Michael Angelakos

With Christmas inching closer, Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos released an audio/visual album titled Merry Christmas, Mr. Fields.

The singer/songwriter teamed up with former Harlem Shakes member Brent Katz and director Hana Haley for the festive holiday project, who sought to explore “an inspiring response to terrorism that seeks sanity and unity, not panic and division" with the Christmas-themed album, according to NME

Filmed in just four days, Haley used her directorial debut to create “the most concentrated dosage of Christmas feeling, dreamy, full of wonder." While the visual aspect creates a stream of vivid holiday cheer set post-World War II, the audio was created to be nostalgic for the sound that came out of that generation. The album includes elements of “the classicist’s take on orchestral musical theater” and a “post-Beatles, John Lennon and gooey Beach Boys sort of earnestness," according to NME.

With three videos to accompany the holiday album, what more could you need to get into the Christmas spirit?

Listen to Merry Christmas, Mr. Fields below:

And watch the three videos from the album below: