Tor Miller Premieres Haunting Video for "Always": Exclusive

Tor Miller
Courtesy of Glassnote Records

Tor Miller

Tor Miller is haunted by visions of his past in the music video for “Always,” which is premiering exclusively on Billboard Wednesday (Dec. 14).

"The video for ‘Always’ is about the conflicting views the main character has on his current situation and the person he thinks he still loves,” Miller says in a statement.

Starting off with Miller walking into a tunnel, the video finds him ultimately being met with an array of identically dressed women. “Always” was filmed during a cold night in London’s Greenwich foot tunnel and served as an integral part in telling the story between Miller and the women in the video.

“We wanted to portray the conflicting emotions within the song, envisioning the tunnel as a sort of nightmare which keeps looping -- being haunted by apparitions of your significant other, questioning your future together,” said Miller. “I think it’s my best video to date.”

Miller, a singer-songwriter from New York, started his career playing piano bars across the Lower East Side before being signed to Glassnote Records in 2014. “Always” comes from his debut album American English which was released Sep. 30.

Miller will be going on tour with BANNERS in February 2017.

Watch the video for "Always" below.