A Tiempo

On his U.S.

On his U.S. debut album (following indie releases in his native Peru), Gian Marco emerges as a surprisingly strong and mature songwriter, which is no surprise, given his trajectory as a songcrafter for people like Emmanuel and Marc Anthony. What is more surprising is his aplomb as a performer, as he navigates a roster of songs that range from intensely intimate ("Lamento") to decidedly upbeat ("Volveré"). Marco has a versatile, pliable voice, with broad vocal range. This gives further appeal to a roster of mostly romantic songs that are both catchy and poignant. Although the initial "Se Me Olvidó" comes across as over-produced, the album then settles into a more organic and comfortable pace, with each song its own distinct—and appealing—universe. As if to stake his claim over his own material, Marco ends the disc with "Sentirme Vivo," a song that was a hit for Mexican singer Emmanuel. In this acoustic version (guitar and violin), Marco underscores the strength of his songs and his interpretation of them.—LC