Fado em Mim

Fado is the emotionally loaded music of Portugal.

Fado is the emotionally loaded music of Portugal. Lyrically and musically, this traditional genre is the poetry of longing, of unrequited love, of romantic nostalgia. It takes special gifts to perform fado and to garner acceptance as a fadista in Portugal. With this, her debut album, Mariza proves she has the voice. But more than that, she ably proves that she has the emotional depth and an understanding of the genre—which, ultimately, are the key elements to a fadista's long-term recognition. Her voice is a gorgeous, evocative instrument, and she sings with bravura and power. She works six traditional fados and six new pieces; throughout, her performance is nothing short of a genuine revelation. Current comparisons in the European media between Mariza and the legendary Amália Rodrigues are completely credible. With Fado em Mim, the world has met its next great Portuguese fadista. Distributed by Koch International in the U.S.—PVV