KSHMR & Splice Premiere Video Tutorial Series: Exclusive

Jasmine Safaeian


Those aspiring to one day become producers can rejoice as KSHMR and Splice have teamed up to create a new video series offering short tutorials in hopes of helping and inspiring those just getting started. KSHMR (real name: Niles Holowell-Dhar) first joined forces with the cloud-based platform in 2015, giving access to his files and later two customized sample libraries.

“The genius of Splice is they understand the modern producer,” KSHMR says. “We get a platform to collaborate more easily than ever, actually buy samples and plug-ins at an affordable price... I think ‘Lessons of KSHMR’ and other future tutorials are a natural extension of that.”

The series debut contains four videos to start, providing an inside look at KSHMR’s creative and production process with themes like “Making a Powerful Drop.”

Each five- to 10-minute video features easy to follow visual aids and are engaging, unlike most online tutorials, thanks to KSHMR’s conversational dialogue. 

“I still watch YouTube tutorials all the time to keep learning and bettering my production,” KSHMR confesses. “I think ‘Lessons of KSHMR’ can give producers some new ideas and if it succeeds, well, that's really the only end goal in mind.”

Watch the first video below and the entirety of Splice’s new tutorial series, “Lessons of KSHMR,” here.