The Rock and Lin-Manuel Miranda Unveil Their New Production 'Millennials: The Musical'

Lin-Manuel Miranda & Dwayne Johnson
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Lin-Manuel Miranda & Dwayne Johnson on the Making of Millennials: The Musical

After working alongside each other for the newly released Disney film Moana, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda seem to be a match made in heaven. The pair teamed up to helm a production titled Millennials: The Musical and in a mockumentary released on Tues. (Nov. 22), the actors discussed how they turned a "140 character" pitch into a full-on Broadway production. 

"Theater is a beautiful, living, breathing thing. To tread the boards is a beauty and a blessing," Miranda said in the beginning of the video. The Rock followed up saying, "As long as you don't f--k it up." 

The concept behind Millennials: The Musical was birthed from a Twitter direct message from Michael Palomar, the writer of the musical, and despite their busy schedule, the two actors decided to pursue the project.

Miranda later offered that the relationship between the choreographer and his director is vital, adding, "Trust is the foundation of everything." The Rock later admitted that he considered ironing his choreographer chops since he's known for his "fire moves" leading into a short clip of the former wrestler dancing in a gym. 

"The night before opening night it always feels like you're on the precipice of doom," the Hamilton star said. "But then every time, like a miracle it always comes together." 

Millennials: The Musical will premiere on Tues. (Nov. 29) on YouTube. 

Watch The Rock and Lin-Manuel Miranda discuss the production's creation below.