LANY Plays Tearful L.A. Homecoming Show, Talks New Album & Plans for 2017

Paul Klein of LANY
David A. Smith/Getty Images

Paul Klein of LANY performs at Saturn Birmingham on Oct. 11, 2016 in Birmingham, Ala.

On Saturday, Los Angeles-based alt-pop trio LANY played the first of the two final headlining shows on their kinda tour at the Fonda in L.A. With an appearance from Halsey at their Chicago show, and playing the highly demanded track "Hot Lights" after the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, many were hopeful for special homecoming surprises from the band -- and they didn't disappoint.

"I don't really know if I have the proper words to express the feelings that I'm feeling right now," lead singer Paul Klein said onstage. "But this is Los Angeles -- I'm just having one of those moments where I've written way too many songs about this place."

From the minute they walked onstage, LANY managed to capture their primarily millennial audience with their internet sound fueled by waves of inspiration from Malibu and their dreamy overall image. They've even managed to incorporate their personal connections with the famous L.A. beach city into every visual aspect of their music. "Where I took the photo for the kinda cover art is where I've spent so many moments alone after watching the sunset," Klein told Billboard in an interview before the show. "If you look at the cover art, there's this slab of concrete and I was sitting right there when I found inspiration for 'Pink Skies.'"

Just as much as Malibu has greatly affected kinda, their most recent EP, previously living in the heart of the City of Angels has given them the classic West Coast aesthetic that launched their journey to success just two years ago. Even with their newly signed record deal, the band sticks to their roots and continues to produce tracks the same way they did when their only music outlet was SoundCloud. "We make everything on a Dell computer, we mix everything, and we write everything," Klein told Billboard. "We stay very true to our roots and what makes us unique." 

Unlike most shows where artists take time between every few songs on their set list, LANY is one of those bands that never stops the audience from having fun. From the time they opened with the '80s-reminiscent pop track "4EVER!" to their slower, more melodic love song "Someone Else," they kept the party going so much that if you blinked you missed something truly amazing. It was when the band got halfway through the set list when they took a pause for an emotionally homegrown speech from Klein.

"I don't talk too much during shows, but I want to talk tonight because when I moved to Los Angeles, I only knew two people and I had no idea why I was moving here. I had no promises, no opportunity, but there's this thing inside you that knows where you're supposed to be. I knew I was supposed to be in Los Angeles and I came here," Klein said before he started crying onstage. "Look, I'm going to be honest with you: I have a college degree, I applied to bag groceries at Trader Joe's, I applied to clean the plates at Whole Foods, I applied to Chase bank, and I got turned down for all of those positions. I just wrote songs in the corner of my one-bedroom apartment in Hollywood. I say all of this to say: Don't give up, because LANY wouldn't be here if we had given up. Thank you for spending your Saturday night with us -- it feels so good to be home."

Usually a live band filled with an endless stream of happiness, at the homecoming show, LANY gave back the love and emotional support they've received over the last two years of their career. As soon as the tears stopped, LANY started up the show by playing one of the first tracks that broke through on social media: the synth-filled dance track appropriately titled "Made in Hollywood."

During our pre-show interview, Klein gave Billboard a little taste of what's to come in 2017 for their upcoming debut album. "It's going to feel like this enormous, beautiful story of everything coming together."

As the kinda tour comes to a close and a string of 200 new tour dates on the horizone in 2017, along with a debut full-length album, LANY is right in the middle of a beautiful success story. They continue to humbly play every show as if it's their last one, giving fans a demanding hunger for more. For Los Angeles on Saturday, they gave their hometown fans a genuine family gathering of thanks and gracious appreciation for their never-ending support.

Set list:

"Yea, Babe, No Way"
"Where the Hell Are My Friends"
?"Like You Lots"
"Someone Else"
"Made in Hollywood"
"Dumb Stuff"
"Pink Skies"
"Current Location"

"Walk Away"