Watch Kristen Wiig Chronicle the History of Thanksgiving in 'SNL' Opening Monologue

Kristen Wiig
Will Heath/NBC

Kristen Wiig as Wisten Kriig during the "Thanksgiving Foods" sketch on Saturday Night Live on Nov. 19, 2016.

After Saturday Night Live opened with a very political (and Donald Trump-dissing) skit on Nov. 19, host Kristen Wiig decided to jeer away from the serious presidential talk and focus on the forthcoming holiday of Thanksgiving.

The SNL veteran opted to take us back to the first Thanksgiving -- that apparently happened in ancient Egypt -- by singing a little ditty about the history of the turkey-eating holiday.

Featuring appearances from pilgrims, Indians, and vikings, Wiig's song was about as classic as they come...that is, until aliens showed up.

As Wiig continued to chronicle "the history of Thanksgiving" that seemed to go more and more off the rails as it went on, things got so out of wack that Steve Martin and Will Forte had to come and set the record straight. But rather than correcting herself, Wiig asserted that she wasn't necessarily wrong -- instead, perhaps there's no Thanksgiving history at all.

"Thanksgiving never really happened, it was in our hearts all along," Wiig sang before closing out her monologue.

Maybe there's something all of us Americans will be realizing on Nov. 24?