Chain Gang of 1974's One-Take 'Slow' Video Includes Tears for Fears Cameo: Exclusive Premiere

Chase OBlack
The Chain Gang of 1974

The Chain Gang of 1974, the project of a former touring bassist for 3OH!3, is premiering a video for their song “Slow” exclusively on Billboard.

Mohager enlisted the help of Tear for Fears frontman Curt Smith for the video. "A day before we started shooting, one of the producers called me and brought up this wild idea of contacting Curt,” Mohager recalled. “A few hours later, I get a screenshot of the email conversation and see that Curt ‘loves the song.’ He showed up on the second day of filming, and did his part.”


Smith, who appears around the 1:03 mark, lip-syncs the lyrics “Left me drowned, shattered/ Wandering through a crowd,” before walking offscreen.

“For me, it was a very surreal moment, because Tears for Fears have been such an important band to me. I remember being 6 years old and listening to my copy of Songs From the Big Chair. To see Curt singing one of my songs is something I will never forget."

The video was shot in one take to truly illustrate Mohager as an artist.

“I wanted this video to showcase Kam as what he is: an artist telling a story,” said director Morgan Freed. “Kam performed 'Slow' the whole way through, coordinating with the background effortlessly and with the charm one doesn’t always get to see with a ton of cuts. I wanted to convey that there is beauty in simplicity and realness.”

Chain Gang is currently touring with The Naked and Famous.

You can watch the premiere of the "Slow" video below.