Melanie Martinez's 'Pacify Her' Video Is Exactly What You'd Expect: Beautiful & Freaky

Melanie Martinez in the video for "Pacify Her."
Courtesy Photo

Melanie Martinez in the video for "Pacify Her."

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you Melanie Martinez's Cry Baby perfume commercial -- a minute or so teaser proving to be just as creative as her notorious music videos. Now, we bring you Martinez's beautifully self-directed video for "Pacify Her," a song about being jealous of her man's other girl and wanting him to "pacify her" because "she's getting on my nerves."

Styled by Martinez herself and stylist Lisa Madonna, Martinez plays both her envious babydoll self as well as the more "sophisticated" girl she despises. As a doll, she wears a pale blue minidress with yellow accents and satin ribbons tying her signature half-black-half-white pigtails. As the archenemies, she wears all cream with deep red lips -- an interesting, though not surprising, departure from Martinez's usual color palette of pastels.

Watch the full video below: