Hillary Clinton to Democrats: Don't Be Discouraged or Divided


Hillary Clinton speaks during a rally outside the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning Nov. 7, 2016 in Pittsburgh. 

On Monday night, Clinton's message was that heartbreaks don't heal overnight.

Hillary Clinton is telling House Democrats that their vision for the nation earned more votes in the election and they shouldn't be discouraged despite losing the White House.

Clinton held an 18-minute conference call with Democrats Monday night in which she thanked them for their support. As for losing the presidency to Donald Trump, she said heartbreaks don't heal overnight and this one won't.

She told Democrats that they shouldn't be discouraged or divided. She said the people they fought for in this election need champions more than ever, adding that the party needs to figure out what happened and why Democrats lost.

A Democrat on the call described the discussion on condition of anonymity to the Associated Press because the individual wasn't authorized to speak publicly.

Earlier on Monday, Clinton won New Hampshire and its four electoral votes, six days after losing the election to Trump. Clinton's electoral vote total is now 232 to Trump's 290.

The only state still undecided is Michigan.

Clinton remains ahead in the popular vote.

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