Eric Idle and John Cleese Declare 'Selfies Are A Waste Of Bloody Time' In 'F--k Selfies' Song

John Cleese and Eric Idle perform "F*** Selfies"
Courtesy of TBS

John Cleese and Eric Idle perform "F*** Selfies" on Conan.

John Cleese and Eric Idle aren’t too fond of fans asking to take selfies. The Monty Python comedians stopped by Conan on Thurs. night (Nov. 10) and debuted their hilariously new song “F**k Selfies," with just a mini guitar, and sang about their dislike for the trend.

As Eric Idle led with the vocals and strummed away on his guitar, Cleese demonstrated the art of taking selfies, snapping photos of himself and Conan from every angle possible. “When you’re grinning like a lunatic for people you don’t know, it takes them half an hour to get the bloody cameras go,” Idle belts. “Selfies are a waste of bloody time.”

Check out Eric Idle and John Cleese perform “F—k Selfies” below.