Musicians on Moving to Canada: Who's Going, Who's Staying, Who's Offering Shelter?

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Artists have different takes on the "moving to Canada" trope that pervaded Twitter after the 2016 election result.

As regular as any other aspect of the election cycle, every four years, you can expect a number of voices at your office cooler and/or on your Twitter timeline expressing their anger at the voting results by an announcing their plans to migrate north. "Moving to Canada" has become such a common pronouncement of voter dissatisfaction that those complaining may now be outnumbered by both those complaining about the complaining, and those tracking the complaints to try to hold the disgruntled to their word.

Indeed, you may have seen this list making the social-media rounds last night, gloatingly calling out those celebrities who had previously promised to vacate the country should Donald Trump be elected America's 45th President:

Most of those celebrities offered their travel plans well before the election, through informal interviews. But several figures from the music world offered their takes on the Canada chestnut last night, in response to the reveal that there would, in fact, be a President Trump in a few months' time. Here's how they broke down.

Headed North:

Advocating for Relocation Elsewhere:

Not Going Anywhere:

Offering Canadian Shelter/Support:


Trying to move to #Canada?

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Looking Out for Canada's Well-Being: