Lia Marie Johnson Interviews President Obama: Exclusive Video

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Lia Marie Johnson Interviews President Obama

The YouTube creator and Capitol Records-signed singer lands a one-on-one with the POTUS.

Singer, actress and YouTube creator Lia Marie Johnson just might consider putting “political reporter” in her resume. 

The Capitol Records-signed artist landed a major coup when she secured a one-on-one with President Barack Obama. 

“I was talking to him like a friend,” the San Diego native says in a video posted to her YouTube channel. “He’s like so cool, he was so kind, so easy to talk to…but then I got down to business and I asked the hard-hitting journalist questions.”

Johnson fires away on topics ranging from climate change to healthy eating to Area 51 -- and she even gets the POTUS to admit he’d try going vegan if it weren’t for his fondness for “Friday night steak night” and burgers. 

Obama has his own question. He asks young Americans to get out and vote in the Nov. 8 election or register at

Lia’s new single “DNA” has topped 1 million Spotify streams and she currently boasts more than 1.6 million Instagram followers and upwards of 1.7 subscribers to her YouTube channel. Last year, she was named one of the Top 100 YouTubers in the world. Reps say she’s been busy in the studio working with various songwriters and producers with a view to release more music in the coming months. 

Watch her interview with president Obama below, premiering exclusively on Billboard.