9 of the Dreamiest Lyrics on Tinashe's 'Nightride' Mixtape

Smallz & Raskind


With the release of her album Nightride mixtape overnight, Tinashe has welcomed fans into her subconscious mind.

And that mind is infested with dreams full of love, life, lust, self-awareness ("Lucid Dreaming") and steamy sex ("Sacrifices"). Her vocal delivery is sensual and low in pitch; at times it feels like she's singing decibels above a whisper. Through all this, the 23-year-old chanteuse is pulling you deeper into sleep or keeping you up in a sinful nightmare -- and you'll never want to wake up.

The 15-track offering has no features and includes the recently released songs "Party Favors" (without Young Thug), "Company" and "Ride of Your Life." There are also three trippy interludes intertwined into the mix: "High Speed Chase," "You Can Stay Here Tonight" and "Binaural Test." If her forthcoming sophomore album Joyride is set to be sunny, Nightride is its darker polar opposite.

Escape your reality and jump into a trance with Tinashe's drowsy dreaming mind by scrolling through some of Nightride's dreamiest lines:

1. "You go by me when you can't see/ Plain as shit when you can't think/ Neck icy, I'm too anemic/ D--k enjoyed like I'm lucid dreaming" -- "Lucid Dreaming"

Even through some icy-cold emotions, sex can still be pleasurable.

2. "I'm finally feeling free for the night, I got no worries/ Finally got a claim on my life, baby, c'est la vie/ I got plenty trees for the flight/ Think I'll stay a while, I think I'll stay a while" -- "C'est la Vie"

This is self-discovery even if you still haven't fully woken up for the journey that waits ahead.

3. "I'm seeing pink cause I've been looking at the bright side/ I ain't letting nobody cloud up all my blue sky … My tongue has turned to gold/ Baby, can you help me/ If I can turn my fear into beauty/ That's what I'll do" -- "Sunburn"

When you wish to turn your dark grays into sunny hues regardless of your situation IRL.

4. "We spending quality time now/ I'm taking issues aside now/ I'm gon' run back on your mind now" -- "Sacrifices"

Tinashe isn't minding the problems; she's basking in pleasure with Mr. Right Now. So should you?

5. "Car full of miles to the deep blue/ Walkin' in the snow from the upper joy/ Ice in my hair 'cause I'm a cold bitch" -- "Soul Glitchin"

Tinashe makes it OK to be withdrawn and frozen -- after all, you have to mask the warmth sometimes.

6. "Underneath the sapphire sky/ Lost tonight a piece of mind/ Caught up in the moment/ I'm floating somewhere off in spacetime" -- "Spacetime"

When you don't want to deal with what's in front of you, you create your own reality through your wandering thoughts.

7. "Nothing I can say while I'm drifting/ Slipping in and out till I see you/ Don't wake me till I'm holding you/ Still shaking from the fear of waking" -- "Ghetto Boy"

The perfect description of that seemingly never-ending pure first love.

8. "And now I found myself at the edge of my sanity/ Lyin', I hold myself back, look at it the other way" -- "You Don't Know Me"

When you question your mental well-being, Tinashe co-signs your emotions.

9. "I woke up feeling less of a lover/ We won't last but I like to imagine/ Sweet like wine on the lips of another" -- "High Speed Chase"

When reality has set in, Tinashe understands and empathizes with what you're going through.