Watch Justin Timberlake Help Ellen DeGeneres Figure Out the Lyrics to 'Can't Stop the Feeling!'

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros
Justin Timberlake on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Nov. 4, 2016.

Is it "just electric" or "just imagine"? Justin Timberlake stopped by Ellen on Friday (Nov. 4) to help host Ellen DeGeneres get to the bottom of the lyrical confusion behind Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper "Can't Stop the Feeling!"

"When the song first came out, I decided to send him a video of me singing [the song]," DeGeneres told her audience about Timberlake's Trolls soundtrack tune.

"My favorite part was when you were like, 'It's just electric, just electric, just electric,'" Timberlake told DeGeneres about her video. "I was like, 'That's not the words!'"

As the house DJ played back the lyric for the audience to see Ellen's point-of-view, Timberlake defended his "just imagine" lyric to the the TV host. While he is pretty confident the lyric sounds like "just imagine," Timberlake sympathetically confessed, "I should have just written 'it's just electric.'"

Watch the full interview below:

Also on the show, you can catch Timberlake going head-to-head with DeGeneres in her "5 Second Rule" game, co-hosted by Mario Lopez: